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Instagram 2024: Launches New Feature Helping Creators Maximize Connection with Fans

Instagram, continues to launch more features to help the connection proving it to be the best platform for influencers


The Notify Sticker

Instagram has launched a new “Notify” sticker for artists, which will assist keep their audience updated on when they publish in the platform.


As seen in this example, artists can use the new “Notify” sticker to invite their audience to create a reminder to ensure that their next postings appear in the app.

When a viewer taps on the Notify sticker, they will be able to select which aspects they receive notifications about, which could be a nice approach to address common complaints with the algorithm failing to deliver your updates to your audience.

Because, as Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri reaffirmed this week, not everyone will see all of your updates.

As per Mosseri:

“Nobody reaches all of their followers when they post, primarily for two reasons: One, a lot of your followers won’t open the app that day, and two, those who do log in have far more posts to see than they have time to spend, and don’t scroll down far enough to get to every post.”

The Contradiction

However, as observed, the latter argument appears to contradict Instagram‘s aim to include more AI-based recommendations from profiles you don’t follow in your feed.

For example, if your feed currently contains much more content than you can realistically see in a single day, adding more recommendations will just exacerbate the situation Right?

How Is Instagram Helping?

In any case, the point is that your followers will not necessarily see all of your changes, and this will provide another way to guarantee that you are reaching out to your most engaged fans by allowing them to opt-in to notifications for specific content kinds.

However, you could already accomplish this with “Favorites,” which allows you to add up to 50 accounts that have higher display priority in your feed.

This is believed to be a more overt way to encourage your best followers to prioritize your content, and it could be a nice alternative for increasing reach.

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