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Instagram New ‘Flipside’ Engagement Space 2024

After months of testing, Instagram has officially sent out its new “Flipside” alternative profile option to a restricted fraction of users


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Instagram’s “Flipside” feature, as shown in these photos supplied by social media expert Matt Navarra, gives an alternative profile space that is solely accessible to you and your chosen contacts.

Once you’ve created a Flipside, you can pick it as your post audience, which means your post will only appear in that location. You may then visit and view your Flipside as an alternate profile gallery, where you can even change your profile name and photo if you choose.


It’s another step for the app toward more private sharing, which has recently become a popular trend in social networks. Fewer people are now publishing to their public feeds, with many opting to maintain smaller, more intimate interaction communities, which Instagram, in particular, has identified as a big shift.

Instagram Inbox Notes

Indeed, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in 2022 that Instagram users were posting a lot more to stories and sending a lot more direct messages than they were sharing to their main feed. As a result, Instagram has introduced inbox Notes to encourage private discussions, collaborative collections of posts that can be shared with particular people, and DM Channels, which allow you to follow high-profile individuals.

Flipside is another iteration of the same, building on Instagram’s previous trials to provide multi-profile management, allowing you to have several personalities in the app.

Will it be the winner? It’s impossible to say, but we’re guessing it’s geared at younger users, whom the app desperately needs to retain as they go to TikTok and Snapchat. Notes has proven popular with teenagers, and perhaps Flipside will as well, providing another way for the app to enable greater participation in keeping with trends.

We’ll have to wait and see, as it’s not yet available to all users and locations.

We’ll keep you updated.

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