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Instagram Experiments With New Story Feature 2024

Learn more about Instagram’s new feature being tested out: Extend the lifetime of your stories!

New Instagram Feature

Ever posted a story so cute you wish it stayed for longer than the typical 24 hours? Well, Instagram is introducing a new “Lately” highlight feature to help you keep your stories for a longer duration.


Don’t Farewell Your Stories So Soon

To extend the lifetime of your stories beyond the regular 24 hours, this new feature tests a “Lately” stories feature next to the “story highlights” already visible on your feed. This is to showcase shared stories from the last seven days and to give your new followers some insight to your social media aesthetic.


User engagement on the platform is experiencing a decline with more people posting stories and sending direct messages than sharing content to their main feeds. By testing this feature, Instagram is making sure that users continue to use their stories and engage with one another. In the same way, the Meta-owned platform also recently introduced the “Close Friends” story element to keep the stories feature alive and to foster more engagement. Another newly added element is the “notify” feature to help influencers better connect with their followers.


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