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Her newest drop will be one of a kind.

On 8th March, the Lebanese star teased her fans on social media by revealing that her newest song “Ana Bent” will be released very soon and this time, it will actually be in the form of an NFT!

NFTs are taking the art world by storm; these digital files can be in the form of a picture, video or audio and young Maritta isn’t a stranger to social media, which makes it impossible for her not to notice all the excitement surrounding this recent form of art.

To join the movement, Maritta composed her own music and lyrics that reflect her reality and experiences as a woman, hoping to give other women a song they can relate to. She also posted a video of herself today addressing her fans, explaining the new concept to them and asking to hit the link in her bio to know more about the project.

In true NFT fashion, fans will be able to make offers to buy “Ana Bent”, allowing them to gain exclusive ownership of it and share their purchase with their network, giving the artwork the necessary exposure.

By choosing to release her song in this form, Maritta will be one of the first few Arab artists to challenge the traditional music industry and ride the digital music wave. Maritta’s manager and crew surely know what they’re doing; it wouldn’t be surprising if this move brought even more attention to the singer who already tends to attract a younger audience that is constantly on the lookout for the newest trends on social media.

Stay tuned for the release of this original track, we can’t wait to see who ends up owning it!