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Here’s Why Reesa Teesa’s #1 Viral Series Has TikTok In A Choke hold!

Is Reesa the next Charli Damelio? – A breakdown of what went down


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The Craziest Series Ever!

Just when we thought we’d recovered from our Valentine’s Day high, Reesa Teesa drags us back into the complex reality of love, demonstrating that it’s not always a bed of roses. Her viral TikTok series, which spans 50 nail-biting episodes, delves deeply into her turbulent relationship with her ex-husband, cleverly dubbed ‘Legion’. The entire series is insane, and TikTok is obsessed with/in a major chokehold.


A Breakdown On What Went On With Reesa …

Now, if you don’t have the time to engage in this 50-part series or simply don’t want to spend hours watching the videos, let me break down this saga because it’s lengthy.

Just before the COVID epidemic began in early 2020, Reesa and Legion met on two different dating apps, one using his real name and the other using a moniker. Is this a double identity act? A major red flag from the start. But, hey, love allows us to overlook a lot, right?

Despite this early warning, Reesa went along with it and their relationship progressed swiftly. Reesa and Legion spent a lot of time together before entering deeply into quarantine life, and soon after, they started talking about buying a house together, some of which cost more than $700,000.

The pair split in less than five months after getting married in January 2021. The plot takes a spicy turn when Reesa begins to question Legion’s great financial plans for them, particularly their goal of purchasing a luxurious home. The instant he avoided revealing any true proof of wealth, an alarm went out for Reesa, prompting her to investigate her then-husband’s background.

Ressa was completely unprepared for the awful information she discovered, believing Legion had only made a few mistakes in his career.

Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse!

After Legion reluctantly provided his social security number for a job application Reesa had completed, she won a lie jackpot.Legion’s work as Vice President of a condiment firm turned out to be forklift driving through a temporary agency. And the dream house? He’s way out of his depth. Legion has been practicing using false social media and bank statements obtained from Google pictures, attempting to lock down a residence. During their third property search, a realtor named Amber dropped the bomb, advising Reesa that she should buy the house herself, implying that Legion’s finances were all smoke and mirrors.

But Reesa didn’t stop there. She delved deeper and discovered a marriage license from Georgia, not California, as Legion had previously claimed. After finding his ex-wife’s marriage paperwork, Reesa called her and revealed Legion as a liar. The final straw came when one of Legion’s cousins disclosed that he had been impersonating his twin brother, whom he hadn’t spoken to in over four years, rendering their regular brotherly conversations one-sided.

@reesamteesa Who TF Did I Marry- Introduction #reesateesa #fyp #series ♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

The road ahead may be rocky, but it should never lead you down a path where fear reigns supreme over love. Legion reappeared in December 2022 after being arrested for making over 30 harassing phone calls every day. This time, Reesa kept her ground, threatening to obtain a restraining order, which prompted him to back down

Her Ex-Husband Responded!!

However, the saga does not conclude without Legion, whose true name is Jerome, telling his side of the story. He stated in a TikTok video, “We went to marriage counseling, it didn’t work, and we broke up. But my only advice to her is to stop lying to these people and give them the truth about why I left you.

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