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7 Skydiving Influencers To Follow On Social Media

Discover 7 skydiving influencers to follow on social media.

skydiving influencers

To some people, skydiving is a scary experience and to others, it’s about overcoming fear and strengthening your mental fortitude. When you skydive, adrenaline levels are heightened and many of our senses sharpen. To most this experience can be empowering.

With how much safety procedures are improving there is less stigma behind skydiving, so why not? Many emerge from a skydiving experience as a changed person as it is such a thrilling and life-changing experience to have. Here are seven skydivers on social media who will make you feel like you’re between the clouds.

Mohammad AlRefaei

Andrés Bravo

Augusto Bartelle

Kirsten Alexis

Manuel Sulzbacher

Braden Roseborough

Clynton Hébert

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