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Threads 2024: New Privacy Feature

A feature in the most recent version of Threads allows you to conceal both the Like and Share counts on your posts in the app


How to access it


As shown in this example from social media specialist Matt Navarra, the new listing now allows you to select “Hide like and share counts” in the post detail screen. Previously, you could only conceal Like counts individually.

The option is available at the post level, so you can hide your like and share counts on individual updates, but you can also make this the default setting for all of your posts in the app (under “Settings”/”Privacy”). However, if you do, this will also apply to your Instagram posts.

Instagram, and Meta in general, have long been experimenting with engagement counts,

as it seeks to provide more tools to assist users in creating a more inviting in-app environment, with less pressure or judgment based on these factors.

Instagram x Threads Changes

In 2019, Instagram conducted an initial test of disguised like counts with a few users. That test showed some promise in helping to “depressurize” the IG experience, but then COVID struck, and the project was put on hold for a while in order to focus on other aspects.

Instagram introduced the ability for all users to hide like counts on posts in 2021, and it has since included this into its suite of health and management tools, which are intended to let people personalize their own Instagram experience.

And evidently, there has been some benefit, as Instagram is now planning to expand the feature to Threads.

It’s a fantastic choice to have, since it helps alleviate some of the anxiety associated with public sharing, and because Threads is a more open, public app, it may be even more helpful in this case.

It’s not a significant change, but one that could help you better manage your Threads experience.

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