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WhatsApp Channels Reaches 500 Million User Milestone

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WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp channels is a one-way broadcast messaging option, which enables users to sign-up to topic-based groups to keep up to date on the latest info. The feature has now garnered the attention of 500 million users worldwide.

The platform’s feature was launched a year ago and follows the footsteps of Instagram’s similar option. Creators, brands, and news broadcasters can stay connected to their followers through this one-way communication system.

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How to use and where to find it?

You can find the channels option under the “Updates tab” (formerly the Status tab). You can also choose how you want to hear from the channels you follow.

According to WhatsApp:

  • Notifications are muted by default. To get notified about new updates, you can turn on notifications.
  • You’re not automatically subscribed to channels. You can browse before you follow, and you can unfollow at any time.

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What benefit does it hold for WhatsApp?

According to the messaging platform, users can easily “get information and relevant updates from WhatsApp by following people and organizations”. Updates like texts, links to information, photos, or videos from your favorite brands/ content creators can be conveniently accessed.

This feature was introduced to align with evolving engagement behavior and attract more users into the messaging platform.

The feature is not yet accessible to some regions but plans of expansion are on the charts.

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