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WhatsApp 2023: Disappearing Forever Again?

Who would’ve guessed, there’s another disappearing update from WhatsApp!


As usual, Here’s a word from WhatsApp:

As per The Platform:

“We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages. Today, we’re excited to announce you can now send a voice message that will disappear once listened to.”

Pictures and now audios?


Exactly, to sum up the change, WhatsApp is now allowing audio messages to have the same disappearing feature as WhatsApp images.

In addition to giving users more flexibility to use The application’s features for a wider range of messages, that might be useful for exchanging sensitive or confidential information.



Though not usually as widely read, audio choices are especially useful in areas where several languages are spoken. For instance, there are hundreds of regional dialects spoken in India, and although most people there can understand spoken language, written language is not necessarily as easy for them to grasp.

More audio choices thereby address these differences in communication, which may make this an advantageous feature.

“As with all your personal messages, WhatsApp protects your voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default, and View Once is just another example of our continued privacy innovation.”

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