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How To Get More Views On TikTok: 5 Essential Strategies

Our top guide to get more views on TikTok.

views on tiktok

Struggling to get more views on TikTok videos? Look no further because we’ve got the top strategies that are easy to follow and apply, in order to get your views up.

Whether you’ve finally decided to make an account or you’re noticing your videos aren’t doing as well, these tips will help you become a TikTok star and get more views on TikTok.

Shorter the better

Although TikTok allows you to post videos of up to 3 minutes long, it has been found that videos under the 30 second mark are able to get onto the platforms ‘FYP’ much easier.

According to multiple sources and users testing out the theory, videos that are exactly 8 seconds long work in favor of the TikTok algorithm.

This is because digital consumers, especially Gen Z (who are the primary users of the platform) have very limited attention spans.

Plus, it is more likely that a viewer will re-watch your video and interact with it being shorter.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags assist in the ranking of videos. As a result, it’s critical to avoid generic hashtags and instead use relevant phrases/words that can increase the visibility of your video.

This is how TikTok’s powerful algorithm determines what content you’re posting about and who might be keen to watch it.

Hashtags also assist viewers in understanding the context of your posts. Your videos will appear in distinct hashtag search results – which is another reason why it’s a good idea to be specific and relevant to get more views on TikTok.

Your likes and followers will undoubtedly increase as your posts become more visible and therefore, you will be increasing your views on TikTok.

views on tiktok
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Use trending sounds

TikTok revolves around sound effects & viral songs, that come and go overtime.

You can find trending audios in the app by tapping the Create (+) button and then Add Sound. The most recent most popular audio clips are displayed here.

Check out some of this month’s trending sounds here.

How-To videos

A genre of video style that seems to be doing extremely well on the platform are tutorials and short How-To’s, that will definetely help you get more views on TikTok.

TikTok has in many ways shifted in becoming a virtual educational tool and makes it easy to make as they are relatively easy and simple to create once you know the information.

Another element to this is simply doing a Q&A for frequently asked questions in your area of expertise, job, industry.

Keep it engaging throughout

Did you know that a ‘view’ on a TikTok video is qualified as much higher when users watch it all the way through?

That just goes to show that your content has to be highly engaging, and interesting enough to keep your audience watching right till the end.

How do you do this you might be thinking? Well, it’s always a good idea to tease viewers on what’s to come at the end of the video (don’t just clickbait).

Another good way is to make use of the caption text so that you can further give insight and excite your viewer as to what it’s going to be about.

TikTok offers creators with a new way to express their creativity, reach a large number of people, whilst building a loyal audience. 

With over 2.6 billion downloads of the platform worldwide, there is a vast number of users you can appeal to, but it is through implementing the right strategies mentioned above that help to get you more views on TikTok.

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