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How to create an Instagram aesthetic (very important) 2022 guide

Optimize your Instagram aesthetic.

Establishing and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is extremely important in today’s day and age.

It is the first thing potential partners or consumers or followers will see when they click on your profile and with such a highly saturated market online, it’s the thing that will allow you to stand out from the many!

Creating an Instagram aesthetic, on the other hand, requires some thought and planning. In this post, we will walk you through the process of creating an appealing Instagram aesthetic which defines your brand and immediately draws (the right) attention. 

Creating your brand personality

Within the field of marketing, you will hear the term ‘brand personality’ a lot, but what does this actually signify?

A brand personality should elicit a certain emotional response from your consumers, as to how they perceive your brand.

In other words, it should positively create a response to emotional and behavioural patterns and should remain consistent overtime.

Credit: @SKKN

As an influencer or a brand, you should be asking yourself:

What makes me different from competitors?

What are my values?

How do I want my followers to feel like with the content I share and represent?

Begin by keeping it simple and determining who you are as a brand. Then consider the descriptive words that best describe your personality and focus on what segment of users you wish to appeal to. 

Ensure the visuals coincide with your brand personality

So, once you have figured out what exactly your brand personality embodies, it is crucial that all the visual elements of your Instagram feed align with this.

If you are a makeup company focusing on sustainability and the environment, such as The Body Shop for example, colours such as green and earthy tones will align with this.

Credit: TheBodyShop Instagram

Moreover, the type of font used and your company logo will also play a major role in continuing to exude the same personality and allow your page to remain consistent and transparent to an audience.

A cohessive grid layout

Your IG grid layout gives an onlooker an overall view of your posting history.

Instagram’s grid layout is an influencer’s first opportunity to leave an impact and convey who they are to a potential supporter.

It is not unusual, for an influencer to refuse to promote a product if the color does not match their aesthetic, you can easily see that something stands out and doesn’t seem to fit the overall vibe.

Organising your Instagram grid can help you to manage a consistent visual aesthetic that your account visitors will notice right away. By doing so, it offers a structured appearance that keeps your posts organized and relevant with your brand’s personality & identity. 

Many users will establish a certain pattern that they follow, for example they will have 2 posts including content of themselves, followed by a post illustrating just a product and then perhaps an image that is simple and is of a certain environment or visually appealing background.

The good thing about planning and creating a pattern is that your followers will know what content to expect on what days, leaving a memorable imprint of your brand in their minds.

Using the same style of edits/filters

There is nothing worse than seeing an Instagram feed that has pictures and videos that look mismatched and different.

By using the same filter on all of your Instagram photos you can help yourself achieve a more harmonious identity. 

Credit: @homedecobyjulia

Tones, saturation and the overall ‘vibe’ you share with your followers are all important elements to consider when thinking of what editing style to use on your feed.


The process of creating an aesthetically appealing IG feed should be something that is fun and thought-through properly.

Deviating from your brand’s theme can result to conflicting Instagram aesthetics and therefore hinders your ability to attract followers and collaborate with other brands. 

By creating a template and guide to follow, you can make this process much easier and using the various elements mentioned above should give you the right stepping stone to develop an aesthetic that represents who you are and relays this effectively back to your audience.

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