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How to: Glorious Glossy Girl Makeup 2023

The “Clean girl” – former IT girl makeup trend is out & glossy girl makeup is IN. Here’s how you can achieve it.


With the winter season approaching, we’re all anticipating cozy weather, warm blankets, and cuddly movie nights. But the real ones know, that winter also means DRY, CRACKED and ITCHY SKIN.

You may or not be able to beat it but you can avoid looking it.

Glossy Makeup 101

Glossy makeup is basically dewy skin, super hydrated, plump looking skin. The look you get for free with no effort right after you walk out of a sauna. (the craziest looks have been trending in 2023)

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can achieve it:


No glossy makeup look only consists of makeup. Believe it or not. It always begins with the preparation of the glossy makeup (it’ll make sense as we proceed.) For the skin prep, you’ll need to moisturize and use SPF (preferably a glowy one, like NUXE). As well as, use hydrating, glowing serums to get your base glazin before we even apply the makeup.

2) Matte? We don’t know her.

you can continue your makeup routine as normal just make sure to keep it minimal and use only glowy makeup products. To make it easier, use makeup aimed for dry skin. This will ensure all the products already consist of hydrating ingredients.

3) Highlighter & Lip-gloss

The two most important steps of this makeup look. To further embrace the “wet” look – be sure to apply a good amount of both. Here are some of our recommendations.


Just remember, worst case, if this doesn’t work out, you can always step into a sauna for a couple mins and there you go!

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