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How to take Instagram pictures like a pro

Here are a few tips to take the best pictures for your Instagram. Read on to know more!


Instagram is not only an app where you post your most favourite memories but a platform where people share their art and talent. Photographers and artists use Instagram to build their portfolios, and is, therefore, an important tool in the life of many.

If you are an influencer trying to get your Instagram game on point, this article is here for you. Whether you are just beginning your influencer journey or have been at it for a couple of years, these tips and tricks on how to take the best Instagram photos will be of immense help!

Here are some of the most useful tips on getting the perfect picture:

Try different angles

Don’t stick to the same old angle every time you post. Play around with your possibilities to get fun pictures that will grab the attention of your viewers. It is always fun to see the different ways one can capture a subject. A long shot, a wide shot or maybe even a close-up will look different from each other. If you are a beauty influencer who posts close-up shots of your work, try taking pictures from a farther angle to bring in a tinge of novelty!

Understand your camera

You don’t need expensive equipment to take the best pictures. Try to learn more about your phone camera or the camera you already have to take better pictures. Most phone cameras today have a long list of features that can help you take the best pictures. From portrait mode to getting grids, phones have it all today! Don’t hesitate, explore your phone’s different options!

Rule of the thirds

A composition technique used by photographers to get the perfect picture, the rule of the thirds is a safe way to take photographs. A nine-part grid will help you capture a subject that is well-placed.

Subjects are to be placed where the lines intersect to achieve a centered shot. You need not do this for all your posts but, you can always post a few pictures with this layout to get some dependable shots. Instagram is all about spontaneity and fun, feel free to play around with the photos.


Experiment a little

People love new ideas and are always on the lookout for interesting new content. Experiment with your Instagram pictures, whether it is the layout, angle or subject. When scrolling through one’s feed, it is always fun to see something new and exciting. When you have a concept for new pictures, don’t hold back. Take out your camera and go photographing!

Don’t overuse filters

Instagram filters are great but, unfortunately, using them extensively is not advisable. Pictures that look dipped in a filter are generally not found attractive. Creators should always aim to showcase the image as real as possible in order to connect with an audience. However, you can continue to use filters if it is part of your feed aesthetic.


Lighting can be the trickiest part of taking a picture. It can be very difficult to find the perfect light for a photograph. However, taking pictures in natural light is highly recommended by many professional photographers. You can always use artificial light when you are unable to schedule a shoot during daylight. Learn more about lighting and experiment with it whenever you take a picture.


Capture what you love

It is important that you take pictures of things that you love and admire. Whether it is a portrait or a landscape, it should be something you are passionate about. While this sounds a bit unrealistic when you are trying to take a picture for a product deal, introducing an element that excites will always make it more fun.

Still not sure if you can take good pictures? Don’t worry. Practice makes perfect.  

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