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Huda Beauty’s A-Z Hair Care Guide for Building Healthier Habits

With this guide from Huda Beauty, your hair will never feel neglected again. Follow these tips for healthier haircare habits

First, do you know your hair type?

Are you 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B or 4C? Sounds confusing 😅? Well, let’s break it down.

According to Huda Beauty, the first step to building a healthier routine is to personalize it to better fit your specific hair type. Start by examining your strands closely. Determine if you have S-shaped waves, tight coils, or zig-zag strands. Hair types range from straight (type 1), wavy (type 2), curly (type 3), to coily (type 4). Decipher the majority of your pattern and lead with that. If you’re struggling to decide which type your locks falls under, check out this quiz with haircode!

According to Huda Beauty, identifying your pattern will allow you to choose products specifically formulated for your own texture, consequently saving you time and money. For those with type 3 to 4 curls, check out NOU (Next Of Us) for products tailored to your specific type.

Next, you HAVE to regularly replace your brush

Brushes can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly. They pick up scalp debris, lingering products, and excess strands with each brush-through. Make it a habit to clean your brush every two weeks or on a monthly basis. Check out this guide to brushes that will treat your curls well:

Here’s the deal: you’ll have to remove any loose strands lingering on the brush, soak it in a mixture of hot water and clarifying shampoo for about four minutes, scrub it, rinse well, and let it air dry. If you notice missing bristles or harsh spikes, it’s time for a new brush to avoid breakage.


You can go through Huda Beauty’s brush guide for more details.

Hair + Facial = HAIRcial!

A full-on HAIRcial involves starting with a “scalp mask or detox to remove buildup,” followed by a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate and boost shine, finishing with oils or an overnight mask if needed. This routine, although it may seem extensive, only needs to be done once a month. Check out these Huda Beauty recommended products for your pampering day.

Consider your hair’s porosity type

According to Huda Beauty’s guide, understanding your hair’s porosity – how well it absorbs moisture and products – is crucial. To determine this, drop a single strand into a glass of water and observe how much moisture it absorbs:

  • Floats at the top: Low porosity – Use lightweight oils and water-based products.
  • Floats in the middle: Medium/normal porosity – Maintain with strengthening treatments weekly.
  • Sinks: High porosity – Opt for rich butters and leave-in oils to lock in moisture.

Don’t forget about your scalp

Your scalp is an extension of your skin and needs proper care. It’s the root cause of issues like dandruff and breakage. Regularly use a spiky scalp-massaging tool to boost blood circulation and growth. Don’t skip on scalp-balancing serums, masks, and scalp SPFs to protect against sun exposure.

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