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What Do You Do When Instagram is Not Loading?

Here are a few simple steps you can try when your Instagram app is down!

instagram crash

Instagram is the bane of our existence in today’s socially advanced world. We spend so much time on the platform that it is incredibly hard to think of a situation in which we do not have access to it. Whether it is your neighbor’s wedding or the news of a celebrity’s new launch, Instagram is where you find all the essential deets. 

However, once in a while, the app crashes, or we somehow lose access to it. This could be because of a number of reasons.

Fixing your Instagram When it Stops Working

Here are a few steps you could try to get your app up and running again!

Restart your device and check your internet connection

The first thing to do when your Instagram app stops working is to try restarting your device. Most times, this simple step is enough to get your app working again. It will also help if you check your internet connection. Unstable internet leads to your Instagram app working improperly. Make sure your Wi-Fi is working effectively.

Uninstall and Reinstall

If your app isn’t working even after restarting your device, you can try reinstalling the app. Your app will work best if it has been updated to the latest version. New versions will have security and bug fixes that will help your app run without any hindrances. You can check Google Play Store or Apple’s Appstore for recent updates.

Instagram crash

Clearing Cache and App Data

Android users can go to settings to clear cache and app data, while Apple users can offload the app to gain the same effect. This might help your app run effectively.

Check if the App is Down

Sometimes, the app is down for everyone due to technical glitches. This has happened many times in the past as well. Don’t worry. Take a few minutes off social media, and the app will be fixed in no time. You can check if the app is down using external apps or through news updates.

Have you enabled permissions?

Double-check if you have enabled all the permissions required to use the app. Instagram might not function properly when specific permissions are disabled. You can go to your device’s settings to check if all necessary permissions have been enabled. 

Try opening Instagram on your web browser.

If all the other troubleshooting steps fail, try to see if you can open your account on your web browser or another phone. Check to see if the app is working for your friends as well to make sure there is nothing wrong with your device.

instagram crash
Instagram crashes every once in a while

Check your phone’s storage!

Instagram can fail to function when there is insufficient storage on the device. Check to see if there is enough space left on your phone for updates released by Instagram. If this is the case, you will be able to use the app without any troubles after space has been cleared up on your device. 

Log out of your account.

You can try logging out of your account to see if the issue has anything to do with your specific account. You could ask your friend to try logging into their account on your device. 

Tried everything you possibly could and still can’t access your Instagram? Don’t stress. There might be something wrong with the settings on your device. This is common and can easily be rectified. Report the problem on Instagram’s Help Centre to get to the bottom of the problem. It might be something as simple as a bug fix!

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