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Instagram Stories template apps to create engaging content 2023

5 of the best Instagram Story template applications

Instagram Stories

Why use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories has become one of the most effective ways for content creators of all types to reach a larger audience and drive traffic to websites, posts, and other social media accounts. This is why everyone should make their stories more visually striking and engaging.

If you’re having trouble with that, here is a list of some of the best applications available on the App Store and Play Store. These apps make creating catchy stories easier by offering free, customizable templates.

1. Mojo

One way to create more dynamic stories is to use animations and videos. The Mojo app is best for when wanting to create more vibrant stories. It is packed with hundreds of animated templates for whatever type of content you’re posting. Mojo’s templates are customizable too — making it easy to add effects, animation, change colors, and more!

2. Unfold

Unfold is one of the most highest rated application for Instagram story templates and editing. The app offers over 400+ free templates with great, customizable features such as stickers, gifs, filters and more! Unfold even has a tool to help you plan out your Instagram feed.

3. Storyluxe

Similar to Unfold, Storyluxe offers over hundreds of templates for your Instagram story. And, they’re gallery is updated daily so you always have new ideas and features to work with!

4. Canva

We’re sure you’ve heard this name before, because Canva is a popular graphic design website and application that is easy to use for everyone. The application offers an array of designs for Instagram Stories, and for other layouts. They make animation, color, images, and more, easy to search for and edit, and you can do it all from your phone!

5. Story Art

Story Art can allow you to keep your feed fresh, with the help of all types of templates and features, including but not limited to over 3,000 layouts available in Film, Ripped Paper, Digital Wave, and more. You can change ratios, add animation, and use highlight templates to show off your best features!

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