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TikTok Is Overrun With Affordable Cashmere Dupes — Here’s How to Pick a Quality Piece 2024

TikTok’s newest trend is all about cashmere but the affordable kind


Cashmere is a genuinely ageless luxury, whether you choose a sweater, a scarf, or another unique knit piece. Nothing feels quite as luxurious as snuggling into soft, freshly laundered cashmere, whether it’s a new purchase or an old favorite. Cashmere also fits snugly into the quiet luxury trend, which has resulted in a slew of elegant cashmere businesses but also means the ultra-soft fabric is frequently an outlay. While investing in excellent clothing that will endure for years is desirable, spending hundreds of dollars on a single piece is not always feasible.

Cashmere 101


Cashmere wool is derived from cashmere and pashmina animals. According to Margaret Frey, a fiber science expert, it is made up of thin, fragile strands with a very durable structure. The fabric also holds its shape well, so your favorite cashmere sweaters are less likely to sag and distort with time. Cashmere knitwear stands out from the crowd since it is soft to the touch and lightweight while still keeping you warm. Also noteworthy? According to content creator Aissata Kourouma, the smooth, natural fibers are mild on sensitive skin.

Cashmere Dupes?

It’s not surprising that manufacturers would want to copy such a sought-after fabric as cashmere, especially given that the major reason many people don’t buy it is the price. Gap and Target have lately debuted their own, extremely affordable variations on cashmere (to amazing TikTok ratings). We’re no strangers to a good luxury imposter—and these “stealth wealth” alternatives can sometimes come close to the real thing.


Cashmere vs. Alternatives

When comparing cashmere to less expensive options, fiber quality is frequently one of the most noticeable distinctions. Cotton-blend sweaters frequently lose shape and droop around the sleeves, hem, and neckline after washing, according to Frey. The fabric may also decay or pill more quickly, so it’s up to you if you want to invest in a luxury piece that will last forever or would rather try a more affordable alternative that would give you the cashmere appearance and feel for now but may require replacement sooner.

You should also consider the differences in care regimens. Personal stylist Holly Katz recommends dry-cleaning or hand-washing cashmere sweaters to avoid harming the delicate fibers. When caring for cashmere dupes, you’ll have a little more wiggle room, which we’d definitely consider a bonus if efficiency is your goal.

What to Look For When Shopping


When looking for luxurious cashmere alternatives, always plan an in-person shopping trip, especially if you haven’t tried the brand’s selections previously. While most vendors list the fabric content online, Katz claims that photographs alone make it difficult to determine the exact texture and quality. To find a cashmere knockoff, check for labels that claim “cashmere-like” or “fine knit.” According to Kourouma, the fabric should be supple with a smooth finish that is free of rigid fibers or loose threads.

Are Cashmere Dupes Worth It?


If genuine cashmere is out of your price range and you have realistic expectations, cashmere dupes can be a great investment. “It all just depends on what you’d like to pay for,” said Katz. She compares it to the difference between vegan and animal leather: Dupes can approximate the look and feel of a premium cashmere knit without the exorbitant price tag. Knitwear that is not 100% cashmere, on the other hand, will lose its integrity over time. If you want actual longevity at a lower cost than many premium options, try foregoing the alternatives entirely in favor of a mid-priced 100% cashmere garment (like this one, $80, from UNIQLO).

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