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Top 10 funky interior design Influencers to follow

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Interior Design Influencers

Interior Design Influencers

Have you recently moved and want to create your dream space? Or are you looking to redecorate your current place? Or do you have some time to kill, and want to engage in some creative DIY?

Look no further, for these content creators will help satisfy your innermost desire for funky, colorful, and fun interior design. You can find design inspiration, personal projects to upscale your living space, or just heal your inner child with these top 10 interior design influencers!

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Kaarin Staalsen

Specializing in DIY content, Kaarin is an interior decorator with over 2 million followers on TikTok and 300 thousand followers on Instagram. Kaarin often posts short-form videos of her crocheting items for her house, such as these strawberry ghosts, when she isn’t busy making cereal bowls which made her a viral sensation. You can even check out her unique crochet patterns on her website and shop for other products.

Annika Hinds

Annika is an interior design influencer who has 1.7 million followers on TikTok. She is also a cat mom, so she makes sure to make pet-friendly interior design choices. If you want more DIY projects for your living space, Annika’s profile has several easy projects that are the perfect place to start.

@blondesigns Litter box + storage + diy workspace all in one 🤗 #diy ♬ original sound – Annika Hinds

Jordan Schneier

If you’re looking for both function and fun, Jordan is the gal for you! With over 210 thousand followers on TikTok, Jordan thrifts funky furniture and decoration pieces, which means she can also provide affordable design inspiration.

@thriftstorejor fun & functional apartment thangs part 3 #maximalism #eclecticdecor #apartmenttour @thriftstorejor ♬ Mac DeCarto – ThirdAph℮xTwin

Don and Dandy

This sister interior design influencers duo from Berlin curate interior design inspiration & handmade funky home objects on their TikTok, which currently has a growing following of 15 thousand. These sisters will know how to elevate your space with a more simple and colorful style.

Dani Klaric

If you’ve ever looked for design inspiration on social media, you’re bound to have come across Dani Klaric, one of Instagram’s many resident funky interior design Influencers. Dani has gained over 700 thousand followers on Instagram over the years and has decorated many clients’ houses’. Her videos often show her transforming living spaces with groovy, colorful decorations, or having furniture hauls, making her profile the perfect place to start for some inspiration.

Hannah Drakeford

Hannah Drakeford has over 88 thousand followers on Instagram and focuses on upcycling existing furniture. Based in London, Hannah also paints murals and makes it easy for anyone with boring furniture to make it into something more fun and groovy, without having to get rid of it completely.

Rachel Martino

Based in New York City, Rachel Martino is one of the boldest and most colorful interior design Influencers on social media. Rachel also shares Ikea hacks for more funky looks and is documenting her journey in redecorating her living area to her 395 thousand followers on Instagram. You don’t want to miss out on her ideas on how to bring a pop of color to your living spaces, so follow her now!

Dani Dazey

Out of the several interior design Influencers on social media, nobody does maximalism like Dani Dazey. With over 150 thousand followers on Instagram, Dani brings the most colorful and funky interior decoration ideas to house flips that you just have to see to believe.

Bridgette Whitney

Interior design Influencers also need to know how to be renter-friendly. Not everybody can afford to customize their living spaces to an extreme. This is why Bridgette Whitney is one of the best interior designers to follow right now. With over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, Bridgette offers whimsical and fun design inspiration that is also renter-friendly.

Hanna KL

Hanna is a Swedish visual artist and interior designer from Sweden with over 100 thousand followers on TikTok. She posts realistic progress of what it’s like to make your living space your own, and even upcycles old furniture. Almost everything is found second hand or come from my parents house. I love upcycling things to make them my own and fit my style, or even better to save them from becoming trash. I’m currently working on redoing the kitchen, so follow along to see the result of that and what else I do in here 💗 #interiortok #homedecor #homediy #colorfulhome #diytok #homemakeover #rental #creativehomes ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Follow Hanna and the other interior design Influencers for the best inspiration!

All of these interior design influencers are likely to ensure you find funky objects for your living space, all while making the journey more colorful and enjoyable.

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