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New & Trendy: Local Abaya Brands on Instagram 2024

Embrace tradition in a modern trend: Five UAE based abaya stores you have to check out.

Get Flattered: Feeya’s Abaya Collection

Wondering what to wear for an event, a fancy night out or a simple outing? Well, this online abaya store has just what you need. Recently celebrating its first birthday, Feeya is a shop based in the UAE with worldwide shipping to pretty much anywhere.

From basic monotone abayas in colors such as: Aqua, Bubblegum, and Matcha, to majestic ombre looks, Feeya is your go-to for unique yet simple abaya designs.

All pieces range from 550 to 700 AED and come with a matching sheila. And guess what?? The abayas come with concealed pockets!!

Feeya’s Ombre abayas are sure to add a spectrum of color to your wardrobe and bring a pop of life to your look.

You can place your orders now through their online website.

Modest & Modern: Salfa

Modest, chic, business casual. If you’re looking for a high-end Dubai based label that perfectly meets the ground between classy and practical, Salfa is the best match for you. The brand offers a variety of timeless designs in impeccable quality.

Their mission is to provide the perfect wearing options for women who want a wardrobe that serves their every occasion. In a fusion of modesty and modernity, Salfa offers abayas, coats and robes in premium quality.

Salfa’s founders established the brand to fill a missing gap in their wardrobe – that is, everyday-wear chic clothing. Their prices range from 1750 AED to 3350 AED. Check out their online website to browse for looks.

Beige, For Elegant Minimalism

Wanna dress elegant but still keep that minimalistic flare? Through neutral earthy colors and simple yet flattering designs, Beige does just that. This is where modest minimalism comes to life.

From abayas and kaftans to basic essential dresses, Beige is a perfect addition to any closet.

Check out their website or Whatsapp to place your order. With their worldwide shipping option, you can shop from anywhere!

Kamin’s Got Something For Everyone

This renowned abaya brand based in the UAE puts the perfect spin on traditional abayas with a variety of options to choose from. Classic black for everyday, linens for summer, kaftans for Ramadan and quiet luxury for their work collection – Kamin is the go-to for all occasions.

A sweet twist on the elegant black for the girls who like to embrace simplicity.

THE DEEMA white: silver outline❤️‍🔥 at 480 aed for abaya & matching sheila outlines available in: pink, blue, green, silver, yellow Shop now on our website❤️‍🔥

♬ Lovely (Instrumental) – Positive Bass

Head to their website to find all you need and more.

Illi – For Your Daring Look

If you’re looking for extravagant, bold and unique abayas with a pop of color and daring designs, Illi is your best friend. Based in the UAE, Illi is the one-stop shop for everything out of the box.

Just look at those patterns! Miami, Taif and Waffle and just some of their unique garment names ranging from abayas to Moroccan kaftans.

Visit their website to place an online order or visit their showroom in Dubai’s Alqouz 1.Operating hours are from Sundays to Thursdays 10 AM through 6 PM.

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