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Influencer Sivan Ayla’s Self-Tanning Products Debut Sephora’s Shelves 2024

Looking for new self-tanning products? Ayla’s got just what you need

Lux Unfiltered

Lux Unfiltered, the beauty brand famed for its tanning products, has officially launched at Sephora. Founded by Ayla and Paul Richards in 2019, the brand has grown from a single product to a respected name in the beauty industry.


Sivan Ayla

Sivan Ayla, the driving force behind Lux Unfiltered, has carved out a niche in the beauty industry with her innovative approach to self-tanning. Known for her keen eye for luxury and detail, Sivan launched Lux Unfiltered with a clear mission: to transform the often messy and uncomfortable process of self-tanning into a seamless, enjoyable part of a self-care routine.

Her background as a lifestyle influencer provided her with a deep understanding of consumer desires, allowing her to create products that are not only effective but also a pleasure to use. Under her leadership, Lux Unfiltered has grown steadily, gaining a loyal following and recently achieving a significant milestone by launching at Sephora. Sivan’s dedication to clean, hydrating formulas with luxurious scents has set her brand apart in a competitive market, proving that influencer-founded brands can achieve credibility and success through quality and authenticity.

“We’ve been aiming for Sephora for a long time,” Ayla shared. “When they approached us a few years ago, we didn’t feel ready as a new brand. We needed to build our community, earn our customers’ trust, and spread the word about our products.”

Ayla’s tanning products

Lux Unfiltered’s journey began with the N°32 Original Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream, priced at $36 and available in Rosewood and Santal scents. This hero product paved the way for an expanded tanning collection that now includes the N°36 Original Supernatural Tanning Mousse and the N°12 Bronzing Face Drops. Despite the brand’s expansion into color cosmetics, skincare, and body care, its Sephora launch focuses solely on its tanning products. Lux Unfiltered is now available on and in 69 Sephora stores.


Now launching at Sephora

Launching at Sephora is a significant achievement, especially for an influencer-founded brand in a market often met with skepticism. “Being recognized by Sephora is a huge validation for us,” Ayla said. “It’s an acknowledgment of the quality and effectiveness of our self-tanners, which is one of the best compliments we’ve received.”

The self-tanning market at Sephora is surprisingly limited, with only 51 products listed on the Self Tanners page. Lux Unfiltered aims to stand out with its luxury, clean formulas and pleasant application experience, addressing gaps Ayla identified in the market. “Our self-tanners transform a messy, uncomfortable process into a luxurious, enjoyable self-care routine,” Ayla said. “Our products are clean and hydrating, with scents that elevate the experience.”

More by Ayla & Paul

In addition to Lux Unfiltered, Ayla and Paul also launched the swim and ready-to-wear brand Tan Lines in 2019, further showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to high-quality, enjoyable products.

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