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BTS Jungkook Drops Official FIFA World Cup Song “Dreamers” Music Video

BTS Jungkook’s “Dreamers” featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi dropped on November 22 and has already swept iTunes Charts globally.

BTS Jungkook Dreamers

The captivating music video for BTS Jungkook’s latest song “Dreamers” has gained a lot of attention and is now available on FIFA’s official channel on YouTube and already reached has 11 million views in 22 hours.

Music Video Drop

BTS Jungkook’s track “Dreamers” was officially released on November 20th and premiered as an epic performance with Fahad Al Kubaisi at the FIFA opening ceremony in Qatar. The music video was also filmed in Qatar and the video also featured singer Fahad Al Kubaisi. The song celebrates the athletes who achieved the honor to play in the World Cup and tells them to never stop believing in themselves. The track also promotes healthy sportsmanship, respect, and positivity.

The music video showcased harmony and unity with multiple people happily waving their flags. Every BTS music video involves fan’s heading to Twitter to interpret any symbolism within the scenes and as usual, like every BTS music video, fans pointed out some symbolism. Jungkook’s music video used symbolism through animals in the video by adding CGI scenes of whale sharks in the music video pertaining to the fact that Qatar’s coasts have the largest congregation of whale sharks and this was beautifully portrayed in the music video.

In addition, whales also carry a lot of meaning within the BTS Army fandom adhering to one of BTS’s earlier songs “Whalien 52”. Another thing the fans noticed was that there were seven whale sharks in the music video which the fans pointed out represent the seven members of BTS.

The Opening Ceremony Performance

The South Korean singer made history when he hit the stage at Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium on the 20th, with a large-scale performance accompanied by multiple dancers and was soon joined on stage by Fahad Al Kubaisi. Both singers showcased their entrancing vocals and brought an exhilarating and fun performance to the stadium. Fans took to twitter to express their delight in seeing the performance between the two artists. The performance won a lot of hearts.

Rising in the Charts

Promptly after its release, “Dreamers” shot up to the top of many iTunes Charts all over the world. Just 13 hours after the track’s initial release on the 20th of November, “Dreamers” reached the number one spot on the iTunes Top Songs chart in over 100 regions, including the USA, UK, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Furthermore, the song took less than 3 hours to top the US iTunes which set the record for the fastest official FIFA World Cup to rise to No. 1 on the charts.

This is BTS Jungkook’s most recent solo since his collaboration with Charlie Puth earlier this year on the single “Left and Right” which was nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Collaboration Song and MTV Video Music Award for the Best Song of the Summer.

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