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Miu Miu’s Latest Campaign Featuring Gigi Hadid Pays Homage to the Brand’s Legacy

Miu Miu’s 2024 leathergoods campaign celebrates color, femininity, and fashion

Miu Miu

Reminiscing Campaign

The campaign, photographed by the acclaimed Steven Meisel and featuring the prominent Gigi Hadid, pays homage to Miu Miu’s characteristic matelassé while displaying the iconic Wander and Arcadie bags.

Miu Miu maintains her legacy of promoting historic female creatives by drawing inspiration from Yevonde, a pioneering British interwar photographer recognized for her stylized work and activism for women’s rights. Yevonde’s career symbolizes freedom and independence, as seen by her daring choice to create her own studio at the age of 21, when prospects for women were few.

The Details

Yevonde’s work from the 1930s is distinguished by exquisitely nuanced color palettes and surreal settings, which frequently feature models and high society elites surrounded by amusing props and greenery. The Miu Miu campaign pays homage to Yevonde’s aesthetic, mimicking her use of saturated hues over pastel backgrounds while instilling a sense of modern spontaneity.

miu miu

The campaign features Yevonde’s signature broken color tones, juxtaposing instinctive and exuberant contrasts, which are replicated in the new colorways of the Arcadie and Wander bags. Classic caramel and cognac tones are revived with vibrant orange and soleil accents, creating a sense of timeless elegance.

Each image in the ad oozes a meditative calm that is reminiscent of a bygone period while also embodying today’s daring attitudes. From dropped petals to precisely motioned hands cradling the bags, the campaign transports viewers to a realm where previous lives collide with present sensibilities.

Gigi Hadid x Miu Miu

Gigi Hadid, embodying the essence of both a fashion model and a cultural figure, is the ideal conduit for this mix of tradition and modernity. Like the sitters captured by Yevonde, Gigi represents a bridge between the past and the present, embodying a timeless tribute to pure beauty.

In conclusion, Miu Miu’s 2024 leather goods ad not only honors the brand’s famous designs but also pays tribute to Yevonde’s trailblazing spirit, providing a riveting look at the intersection of art, fashion, and femininity.

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