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‘Spill Sesh’ Exposes Her Identity After 5 Years Of Anonymity

After nearly five years of broadcasting films anonymously, the creator of the popular YouTube drama channel ‘Spill Sesh’ has disclosed her identity


Spill Sesh: Our Trusted Source

The Spill Sesh channel debuted in January 2019, featuring brief videos of celebrity and influencer turmoil transmitted through text on screen. Spily, the channel’s anonymous character, began adding voiceovers to her content shortly after its introduction, using an audio distortion filter to disguise her true voice.

Following 2018’s Dramaggedon 1, drama channels began to strengthen their position as a significant source of creator news.

Tati Westbrook’s infamous BYE SISTER… video against James Charles, now known as Dramaggedon 2, was uploaded just months after Spill Sesh started. The video sparked one of the most spectacular “cancellations” in YouTube history, boosting the popularity of other tea channels, including Spill Sesh.

The channel gained popular among internet culture fans due to its high production quality and honest reporting.

The Spill Sesh channel expanded, and so did rumors regarding Spily’s identity. Though anonymous channels are not uncommon in the drama and commentary sphere, persons in charge of these channels have been chastised over the years for avoiding accountability by hiding behind anonymity when discussing sensitive matters.

So, Who Is She/ He/ It??

This criticism reached a climax in August 2019, when Paige Christie, another popular commentary artist, launched an exposé alleging that a multi-media content farm was behind multiple anonymous drama channels masquerading as independent single-creator channels.

Paige’s revelation sparked ethical questions about consuming news from anonymous sources, even if Spill Sesh was not mentioned in the exposé. Based on the production level of Spily’s videos and her frequency of posting, many people began to suspect that Spill Sesh was also managed by a corporation.

Really, Shane Dawson?

Later that year, a new hypothesis surfaced about Spill Sesh, claiming that the channel was created by Shane Dawson’s team and voiced by his sister-in-law and fellow YouTuber Morgan Adams.

This notion gained popularity after Shane posted a video in which he requested Morgan to talk into a voice distortion filter. When this filter was applied on Spilly’s voice, users saw a similarity with Morgan’s speech. Again, people praised the outstanding production level of Spill Sesh’s videos, pointing out that Shane has the crew and resources to easily create a drama channel of this grade.

Despite repeated attempts to disprove the rumors about her identity over the years, Spily was unable to dispel this particular myth. Until today.

Introducing: Kristi Cook!

On November 3rd, Spill Sesh revealed his long-awaited identity to the channel’s 720,000 viewers. After nearly five years of speculation, Spilly was identified as Kristi Cook, a young woman.

In the video, Kristi narrates the story of Spill Sesh while beauty YouTuber Manny Gutierrez, often known as Manny MUA, performs her makeup—a “full circle” moment, she observes, as her very first video included Manny.

Kristi explains that she’s always loved YouTube and had several channels before finding success with Spill Sesh.

Kristi’s Story

Kristi discloses that, in addition to her channel’s reporting style, she has a background in entertainment journalism, having landed a writer job for USA Today at the age of 18. Kristi moved on to work for Warner Brothers Studios where she was a tour guide and later a production assistant for the Ellen Degeneres Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and The Real.

She parlayed this experience into a job at TMZ, where she worked for their galleries department for four years.


Kristi stated she started Spill Sesh after a horrible breakup and decided to make YouTube videos about entrepreneurs and influencers. Her big break came when Trisha Paytas posted a video “exposing” the Vlog Squad and promptly removed it. Fortunately for Kristi, she had already downloaded the video before Trisha deleted it.

“I was like, I’m sitting on gold,” Kristi tells Manny. “I edited a video so fast like never before.”

Kristi goes on to say that she has been involved in the LA influencer community for many years, partying at the Team 10 House and attending parties with high-profile creators such as Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield.

Time for “Kristi, not Spily”

As for why Kristi has decided to expose her identity now, she informs Manny that she has projects in the works that she wishes to pursue under her name.

She concludes her reveal video by expressing her followers have altered her life and she is delighted to provide them more stuff as Kristi, not Spily.

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