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Instagram May Introduce New Access To Experimental Features 2024

Instagram could give its users special access to new features – Learn more

Early access

Apparently, Instagram users will soon be able to experiment with the platform’s “in-development features.” Meaning that users will be provided early access to Insta’s new implementations. This is an initiative similar to Google search labs and YouTube experiment, aiming to further enhance user experience on the platform.

According to mobile developer and Threads user Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagrammers will eventually be able to view this early access option in the “Settings and activity” tab on Instagram. Namely, the “early access to features” is available as the last option, as shown in the picture.

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Other new features include a change in the chat themes. Currently, Instagram users can choose a chat theme from amongst a few options and change their message display screens accordingly. However, Paluzzi also shared that Instagram may begin implementing more artificial intelligence. This means that users will eventually be able to use AI to create themes that better fit their taste or reflect their personality.

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Cross-posting feature

In addition to implementing AI and giving users more insight on new features, the meta-owned social platform is also planning to create a cross-posting feature. This allows users who use both Instagram and Threads to simultaneously share the same post on both their accounts. This feature also imitates the cross-posting option between Facebook and Instagram.


However, it is still unclear whether these features are only accessible to users who are subscribed to “Meta-Verified” or to all Instagram users.

Meta-Verified subscription

This “Meta-Verified” paid subscription, which was released last year, gives users the option to verify their accounts by purchasing a blue checkmark. For $14.99 per month, the subscription also allows individuals to play around with other add-on features.


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