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Instagram has launched a live test of pinned posts

Get ready to re-organize your Instagram feed.

We all have a few favorite posts that we wish could always be the first to show up on our feeds and now Instagram is making our dreams come true! The platform has finally launched a live test of an option that’ll allow selected users to pin images to their profiles.

Salman Memon is a user who was lucky enough to gain access to the new ‘pin to profile’ feature and share a preview of how your feed will look after topping your feed with your favorite posts.

Credits: Social Media Today

Some might argue that this feature is already present on Instagram with the story highlights option that you can use to keep your preferred content at the tip of your fingers; however, this new update will give you the opportunity to shed light on your new products, offers, giveaways, most-loved posts and much more!

Back in January, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi had teased about Instagram’s work in progress, showing users what the addition could look like once it’s released.

That’s not all; a life-changing ‘edit grid’ feature also sparked a lot of interest back in January as it could allow you to re-arranged your feed as you desire, regardless of posting time or date. Together with the pinned posts, this combination can give influencers and regular users more control over the first impression which they are looking to leave on first-time profile visitors. Having all your favorite and best performing posts at the beginning of your feed will surely lead to you gaining more and more followers by the day.

Credits: Alessandro Paluzzi

By now, we totally understand if you’re excited for these features because we are too! However, Instagram has yet to provide us with a clear timeline as to when these options will be fully functional and available for use. To reassure excited Instagram users, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, has revealed that the features are in the testing phase, which means they can pop-up on your profile anytime soon; just keep an eye on all the changes.

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