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Influencers, plan your posts for this month…

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February is the month of Love – there’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th after all! You can dedicate the whole month to the theme of ‘Love’. or you can post different things each day of the month. Want different post ideas for each day of the month?

Try this:

february instagram post ideas
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As you can see, Sundays are ‘rest days’. Feel free to take a break from posting. Otherwise, post whatever you would like.

Photo editing app Preview shares a content calendar for the month of February!

Tuesday 1: Quote for the month.

Wednesday 2: Talk / show a 2022 trend in your industry. (or in the world in general)

Thursday 3: Red flags.

Friday 4:  Try a Reels trend. (check Instagram account for the latest Reels trends)

Saturday 5: World Nutella Day – 5-weekend self-care tips.

Sunday 6: Rest.

Monday 7: Myth.

Tuesday 8: List.

Wednesday 9:  Pizza Day – How to _ (..share a tutorial)

Thursday 10: An idea. (outfit, food, hair, makeup)

Friday 11: Clean your Computer Day / Before and After. (of you doing/creating something)

Saturday 12: Try a Reels trend.

Sunday 13: Rest.

Monday 14: Valentine’s Day – A love letter to (your partner, pet, customers or business)

Tuesday 15: Behind the scenes. (time-lapse or photo)

Wednesday 16: Checklist.

Thursday 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day – The nicest thing someone did to you / or do an act of kindness for your followers. (help them, or thank them for being here)

Friday 18: Try a Reels trend.

Saturday 19: Reminders.

Sunday 20: Love your Pet Day – Rest.

Monday 21: Show a hack.

Tuesday 22: Answer a Frequently asked question you get.

Wednesday 23: Show an idea. (outfit, food, hair, makeup)

Thursday 24: A picture of your family.

Friday 25: Try a Reels trend.

Saturday 26: Things you’re proud of…

Sunday 27: Mindfulness.

Monday 28: February recap. (share your favorite photos / creations of the month in a Reels or Carousel)

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