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Get brands to notice you with Instagram’s latest feature.

Slowly but surely, Instagram is becoming the hub of e-commerce. Worldwide brands are now competing to capture users’ attention and influencer marketing on this app is now at an all time high to achieve the desired results.

Originally, only approved creators such as businesses and their partners were capable of featuring products on posts; however, this upgrade gives everyone the right to mention their favorite products directly on their pictures.

For brands and business owners, this new feature equates with free ads. They can highly benefit from this free exposure and will receive a notification as soon as their products are tagged and will have access to a full list of tagged content on their profiles. In addition, they will also have control over who can tag them and can even remove tags if needs be.

This new tool is especially great for rising influencers who will now have higher chances of getting noticed by brands, landing new deals and securing PR packages. The more you tag your favorite brands, the more you’ll appear on their tagging list, earning yourself a repost and double the exposure.

For those who have never tagged a product before, TechCrunch explains the whole process:

To tag a product in your post, you’ll need to select a photo or video, add a caption and then select the “Next” button. You need to tag a brand first in your post to see the option to tag products. From there, you can tap “Tag Products” to search for a business and then find the products you want to tag and then add them to your post. Users have the option to tag more than one product in a post.

This change is already effective in the US and the new feature is planned to roll out over the next few months to include every single Instagram user.

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