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TikTok Content Creator Abi Butcher on How To Avoid Burnout 2024

What’s burnout? and how to avoid it? Read more to find out


What’s social media burnout?

Social media burnout is a state of psychological and emotional exhaustion caused by the excessive use and over-engagement with social media platforms. This results from FOMO (fear of missing out) and constantly needing to stay updated with everything social media related. Some of these symptoms include feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fundamentally stressed out by social media interactions. It can potentially lead to feelings of inadequacy in the sense that people compare their own lives with what they see on social media.


Generally, taking breaks and setting boundaries with you digital screens are the go-to remedies for this social fatigue. But, what does influencer Abi Butcher have to say about this?

And who’s Abi Butcher?

Abi Butcher is a social media content creator who gained attention from her TikTok page where she posts videos, GRWM’s and meme-like content.


The influencer/content creator has over 860,000 followers across her social media platforms.  She is also a talent manager and founder of Creator Productions, a creator-led agency with five years of experience in the field. Abi’s goal is to “redefine the connection between brands and social talent, to create a haven where mutual growth, development and collaboration thrive harmoniously.”

Now, what did Abi say about burnout?

The influencer who runs her own influencer agency, said that although she does love her job in the media field, it does “come with its challenges.” Abi added that in the social media field, “you’re in the public eye a lot and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that.”

The influencer and agency-owner said that becoming successful on the media at a young age could make them “easy to exploit.” As a solution to combat social media burnout, Abi suggests that content creators take a break and stop creating content if the social media pressure begins to affect their mental wellbeing. She adds that they should structure their content and create a plan to stick to it. To watch the full video, click here.

To find out more about how to avoid burnout, read here.

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