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How to get paid as a basic travel influencer in 2022

Want to start making money? You’ve come to the right place…

Travel Influencer

Bucket List

Get a pen and paper or go onto the notes app on your phone and write 10 bucket list things to do within 5 minutes.

If, or thought about it at least, I can guarantee you that travel or traveling was definitely one of the ten things you thought of. Why would it not be? I am sure as you have scrolled through social media like Instagram or TikTok, you have seen a travel influencer or content creator post an image or short video of a place and it’s made you stop and think wow.

Social media, documentaries on TV or Netflix, or even word-of-mouth recommendations all encourage us or tempt us to want to book a flight. Whether it’s a chalet stay in the Swiz mountains, or waking up in a tree house in the middle of the wild, it’s so eye-opening and refreshing to visit someplace new or travel to a place you had never even dreamed existed.

Budget Traveling

For many people, the only thing standing in the way of traveling is budget. But if traveling is something you have always wanted to do, then why not make traveling a full-time job like many other travel influencers and content creators? J. Q. Louise is a Boston-based travel influencer who has made a living from documenting her travels on her own blog and giving tips and tricks to her readers. After advising many of her friends on the best places to visit and places to go, Louise realised she could make a living from getting paid to write content.

Research Task

Go on to Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts now, and click on a travel influencers page that you like the look of. Think about why you like their page – what is it that is intriguing or that works really well that you can take inspiration from?

If you want to make money becoming a travel influencer, then according to Louise, you should be starting locally. In an interview with STYLECASTER, Louise says “It’s an easier way to figure out what you like. Do you like boutique hotels? Big brands? AirBnBs? The practise of traveling is so important to determine how to balance it with your work and your normal daily life.”

Travel Booking Tip from Erika Kullberg

One tip that we can take from TikTok influencer Erika Kullberg is to look at and book flights in incognito mode on a Thursday. Small tips like this will really help when it comes to your next holiday destination and the best places to travel to. Louise continues to say “often a hotel won’t be able to host a creator during peak season because they’ll be booked up. Even if they want to, they just physically can’t.”

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No Content is Wasted Content

If you have a gallery or portfolio of posts that are non-sponsored, then collect all the content you have and present it to a partner. You may be able to secure brand partnerships if you have good, engaging content. Don’t wait for brands to come to you, but make an effort to contact them first so they know who you are and are aware of future events, staycations, or influencer marketing campaigns.

Make sure you have fun while creating the content and even take up a photography class. If you don’t get a brand partnership or collaboration, then at least you can look back at your content and see all of the amazing places you have gone to. Do not feel like your content is going to waste as you can always create a blog/write-up out of it. Create sign-up subscriptions for people to read your content and send emails directly to them. If you build connections and spread the word of your newsletter/blog, more people will sign-up and you can start charging people to read your recommendations, get discount codes, and more.

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