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Influencer Podcasts You Should Be Listening To in 2024

Looking for something new to listen to? Here are five influencer-hosted podcasts you have to check out

Why podcasts?

Bored of listening to the same music playlist and want to change things up but don’t know how to? Have you considered podcasts?

Podcasts are the new trend this year with many social media influencers turning to audio content. They are entertaining, fun, sometimes educational and above all personal. Podcasts have become the easiest way to get a more human side of your favorite influencer. Tune in as they talk about their life experiences, aspirations, growth and so so much more. Here are five must-listen-to podcasts hosted by some of our favorite social media personalities in 2024.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Social media content creator and influencer Emma Chamberlain is an Instagram sensation with over 15 M followers. As a model, she uses her platform to share outfits and promote products as well as connect with her fans. She even won the 2018 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator.

In February 2020, the influencer created this podcast on Spotify named “Anything Goes” and has since been releasing episodes every Thursdays and Sundays. According to her podcast description, “anything really does go on this podcast,” as she talks about really anything: “sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, sometimes fun interviews, and sometimes nothing at all.”


With Emma’s Anything Goes you can never guess what you’ll be hearing about next. This is what makes it a fun podcast to listen to whenever. Listen to Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Logan Paul’s Impaulsive

Logan Paul’s podcast, hosted by him, covers a range of topics including entertainment, current events, pop culture and interviews with various guests. The podcast started in 2018 and has been running ever since with over 4 M subscribers on YouTube.


The most recent episode was posted 4 days ago where Logan Paul & Cliffe Knechtle debate around the topic of abortion.

To watch Impaulsive by Logan Paul on YouTube, click here.

Sisters In The City by Anna & Mandi Vakili

Anna and Mandi Vakili are social media influencer sisters who gained fame through appearing on the fifth season of the British “Love Island.” Although Mandi was not a contestant on the show, she gained her popularity for the support she gave her sister as well as her presence on social media as a model and makeup artist.

The sisters started up their podcast “Sisters In The City” as a way to share insight into their lives and further connect with their followers. The podcast is an entertaining platform for the sisters to share their “unique and hilarious thoughts, feelings and experiences on life as a 21st Century woman living in the city.” With conversations related to urban living, sisterhood, relationships and personal growth, the “Sisters in the City” podcast is one to turn to when you need a good laugh.

Watch the latest episode through this link.

Views with David Dobrik & Jason Nash

The podcast hosted by YouTube personalities David Dobrik and Jason Nash was launched in 2017. It features the duo discussing various of topics including their personal lives, behind the scenes stories from their YouTube videos and their experiences in the entertainment industry. “Views” also sometimes includes guest appearances from other influencers and friends from their social circle. Watch “Views” by the YouTube stars on YouTube or Spotify.

Bobbi Althoff’s The Really Good Podcast

The Really Good Podcast is a show hosted by Bobbi Althoff known for its humorous episodes and interviews with celebrities and other influencers. Bobbi Althoff is an internet personality and content creator known for her comedic approach to interviews and social media content. She gained most of her fame from her TikTok account through her unique videos.


In April 2023, Bobbi transitioned her charismatic persona from TikTok to her online podcast where she continues to interview high profile guests in her signature manner.

Watch her most recent interview with Meghan Trainor.


Click here to watch The Really Good Podcast on YouTube.

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