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Beauty & Travel Influencers on How to Safely Store Makeup While Traveling

Here’s are eight influencer tips on how to safely store your makeup while traveling

Ever traveled abroad with your favorite makeup products just to see them get ruined from plane pressure? How many times have you got your heart broken over broken eyeshadow pallets after a rough flight? Well, these beauty/travel influencers have got just the guide for you. Here are eight expert tips on how to safely store and transport makeup while traveling:

Invest in a Quality Makeup Bag

A sturdy, well-designed makeup bag is a travel essential. Beauty influencer Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty emphasizes the importance of choosing a bag with multiple compartments and a waterproof lining. Check out this Huda Beauty merch bag for only 110 AED.


Huda says “a good makeup bag can make all the difference.” According to Huda, clear pouches like the Huda Beauty makeup bags and PVC cases are good to use because of their simplicity and reliability.


She always brings the Anya Hindmarch In-Flight case on the plane for her travel essentials. “It’s transparent, making it easy to clean when you’re traveling with various formulas and serums,” says Kattan. “You never know what can happen in transit, so it’s best to have everything easy to find and easy to clean.”

Use Travel-Sized Containers

Tati Westbrook, also known as GlamLifeGuru, recommends transferring your favorite products into travel-sized containers.

“Travel-sized containers are perfect for saving space and ensuring you don’t have to carry full-sized bottles,” she advises. Many beauty stores sell small, reusable containers that are ideal for this purpose. Be sure to label each container to avoid confusion.

Seal Liquids and Creams

Leaks are a common issue when traveling with liquid and cream products. Jackie Aina, a renowned beauty influencer, suggests double-sealing these items.

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“Use plastic wrap under the lids of your liquid and cream products before sealing them,” she explains. “This extra layer of protection helps prevent messy spills in your makeup bag.”

Opt for Solid Products Where Possible

Kathleen Lights, a popular beauty YouTuber, highlights the benefits of opting for solid versions of your favorite products. She says that “solid products like stick foundations, cream blushes, and bar cleansers are less likely to spill or break during travel.” These products are also generally more compact and easier to pack.

Cushion Fragile Items

For fragile items like powder compacts and eyeshadow palettes, influencer NikkieTutorials recommends adding a layer of cushioning. “Place cotton pads or tissue paper inside the compacts to keep the product from breaking if the case is jostled,” she suggests. Additionally, wrapping these items in soft clothing can provide extra protection.

Keep Makeup Brushes Safe

According to James Charles, makeup brushes are delicate and need special care when traveling. The beauty mogul advises using a brush roll or a hard case specifically designed for makeup brushes. Shop the James Charles X Morphe brush case here.


“A brush roll keeps your brushes organized and prevents the bristles from getting bent or damaged,” he notes. Ensure that brushes are clean before packing to avoid transferring bacteria.

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Pack a Separate Essentials Kit

Michelle Phan, a beauty influencer, suggests packing a small, separate kit of essential makeup items that you might need on-the-go.

“Having a mini kit with your must-have products in your carry-on can save you if your checked luggage gets delayed or lost,” she explains. Include basics like mascara, lip balm, and a travel-sized cleanser.

Mind the Temperature

Extreme temperatures can affect the quality of your makeup. Influencer Desi Perkins advises being mindful of where you store your makeup during travel.

Desi says we should “try to store products in a cool, dry place.” She adds that we should “avoid leaving the makeup bag in direct sunlight or in a hot car to prevent products from melting or spoiling.”

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