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June is Men’s Mental Health Month: Make the Most Out of it With These 2 Inspiring Influencers

Did you know that June is men’s mental health month? Read to find out more

Men’s Mental Health Month

Ever heard of men’s mental health month? Well, it’s June. Mental Health June – led by male influencers who are using their platforms to break down stigmas, promote open conversations, and support mental wellness among men. These influencers, from diverse backgrounds and industries, are leveraging their reach to challenge traditional notions of masculinity and emphasize the importance of psychological health care.


The issue at hand

Male’s well-being has often been sidelined due to societal pressures and stereotypes that dictate how they should think, feel, and behave. Traditional masculinity norms discourage males from expressing vulnerability or seeking help, leading to a significant mental health crisis among males and young boys.

According to the American Psychological Association, males are less likely to receive treatment compared to females. Therefore, let us use this month to promote male well-being! Here are two influencers who can help us navigate through this month and allow us to explore psychological well-being.

Jay Shetty and Dr. Alex George are two influencers who utilize social media to reach millions, using their platforms to share personal stories, tips, and resources. Their posts often feature candid discussions, motivational messages, and collaborations with professionals, making health conversations more visible and accessible.

Jay Shetty

Former motivational speaker Jay Shetty has become a beacon for wellness. Shetty is a bestselling author, award-winning podcast host of On Purpose, Chief Purpose Officer of Calm, and purpose-driven entrepreneur with over 50 million followers across social media platforms. If there’s someone we need to turn to to learn more about well-being, its Jay Shetty.

Through his podcast “On Purpose,” Shetty dives into topics like mindfulness, self-love, and emotional health. His approachable style and insightful interviews with various thought leaders make complex health concepts accessible and relatable to his vast audience. Dive into Jay Shetty’s podcast during June’s health month.

Through this interview with Jay Shetty as the host, we get an insight to the world of male well-being, the ups, the downs and the untold truths behind it.

An interesting watch! Check out Jay Shetty’s interview on psychological health with Tom Holland!

Dr. Alex George

A former contestant on “Love Island” and an NHS doctor, Dr. Alex George has become a prominent psychological health advocate. Following the tragic loss of his brother, George has dedicated his platform to raising awareness about emotional well-being, particularly among boys. His work with the UK government as a Youth Health Ambassador underscores his commitment to making systemic changes in health care.

The influencer and reality show star also hosted his own podcast, The Stompcast, as a way to share insight into his life and discuss topics related to psychology, emotional well-being and mindfulness tips.


As we navigate through these month, let us use the contributions of these influencers to highlight the importance of continuing this conversation year-round. Their impact shows that when influential voices speak out, they can inspire change and reduce stigma.

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