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Skinfluencer Luxury Edition: 10 Essential oils to take your bath to the next level

Want that radiant, fully hydrated, and luscious skin even during this upcoming winter? We have gathered the top 10 essential oils that will leave you feeling radiant and picture-perfect for the cold season ahead.

Essential oils for luxury bath

Winter can be a gruesome time of the year for influencers who care about skincare. Freezing temperatures and ice-cold winds lead to dry and cracked skin or sometimes even suffering from winter hands. Not the most ideal season for skinfluencers if you ask us.

Whereas if you look at the bright side, winter is also a season of change, of relaxation, and coziness. And what can be cozier than soaking yourself in a warm bubble bath while the snow is falling outside? 

So no need to suffer any longer skinfluencers, as we have gathered the top 10 luxury essential oils to make your self-care bathing routine just that much more exciting. 

Aesop – Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment
Super-charge the skin-nourishing benefits with Aesop’s geranium-infused products. From a brand renowned for creating aromatically alluring formulas, Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment is a nourishing skincare savior designed to intensely hydrate.

Filled with main ingredients of geranium leaf, mandarin rind, and bergamot rind this oil can either be used during your bath or applied afterward. Infused with vitamin E – renowned for its antioxidant benefits – the addition of sweet almond and macadamia nut softens and replenishes the skin while leaving your mind and body feeling they are at a spa. 

Costa Brazil – CB Moonlight Body Oil
Francisco Costa, the former creative director of Calvin Klein, is the man behind Costa Brazil – the sustainable beauty line that celebrates natural formulas and clean ingredients. A carefully curated skincare line with a high focus on aesthetics, we recommend you keep your phone with you to snap a quick post while enjoying your luxurious relaxation time as the bottle is just too beautiful!

Its Moonlight Body Oil is demonstrative of this green approach, with its nourishing blend of antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins hydrating the skin and enhancing its firmness, leaving it with a luminous glow. You can utilize its transformative powers daily, massaging the oil into the skin in circular motions or either adding a few drops into your bathwater. 

Le Labo – Rose 31 Body Oil
Dedicated to the Centifolia Rose, this body oil is enriched with vitamin E to nourish your skin. Inspired by the Centifolia Rose, a symbol of the French region of Grasse from which Le Labo originates from, this Rose 31 body oil is enriched with jojoba for intensely soft skin.

This essential oil is preferably to be used after you’ve taken your bath as the pores of your skin will be opened and the oil would be able to penetrate and hydrate deeper within. Paraben and sulfate free, this premium extra dry oil include vitamin E to help maintain healthy skin while simultaneously enveloping you in heavenly fragrance.

Fresh – Sake Bath
Sake Bath is a purifying soak that works to ease body tension and promote relaxation while leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. Inspired by ancient beauty rituals of Japanese Geishas, its luxurious scent comes from their tradition of infusing baths with real persimmons. Almost just as beautiful and exotic as Geishas, the oil is elegantly presented in a bottle design that just can’t be refused for an Instagram story as it screams luxury at its finest.

Elemis – Frangipani Body Oil
Want to feel like you are having an island escape somewhere in Figi? Or what about Hawaii? This artisanal oil blend treats you to a divine sensory experience, leaving your mind instantly disconnected from the world and the cold outside.

Intensely moisturizing, the Frangipani Body Oil from Elemis is formulated using a premium blend of frangipani, monoi, and coconut oils sourced from the shores of the Polynesian Islands. Instantly nourishing your body, this ultra-hydrating formula softens the skin while leaving it delicately scented with tropical notes.

Jo Malone London – Peony and Blush Suede Bath Oil
Imagine yourself soaking in water filled with delicate flower petals. This oil is inspired by luxury for you to bathe in delicate jasmine, rose, and gillyflower while enhancing your skin with rich, natural oils. A sumptuous bathing treat, Jo Malone London’s Peony & Blush Suede Bath Oil boasts an exquisitely fragile scent of flowers in voluptuous bloom.

As fancy as the name sounds and hard to roll off the tongue, this bathing oil truly is a complex work of art for aromatherapy. Feel like spring is around the corner with the aromatic bursts of flavors. Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower, the oil is enriched with sweet almond, jojoba seed, and avocado oils to condition and nourish the skin in moments of coveted relaxation.

Natura Bissé – Diamond Well-Living, The De-Stress Dry Oil
There might be some winter days when your skin is doing just fine, but your mind may not. This highly refreshing oil is ideal for use after workouts or tough emotional days to infuse a feeling of tranquillity and deep mindful relaxation. Having found its start in professional spas, Natura Bissé brings an expert-level treatment to your at-home routine with its refreshing The De-Stress Dry Oil from the Diamond Well-Living collection.

Boasting aromatherapeutic properties thanks to a combination of lavender, grape seed, and vitamin E, this oil is formulated to mimic the feeling of a comforting massage by hydrating your body to reduce the effects of fatigue and muscle tension.

Verden – Herbanum Bath Oil
Open your mind, take a deep breath and feel your toes sink into the shores of Zanzibar… Tropical fruits, palm trees, and an energizing aurora all around you. This rich and indulgent bath oil of Verden is a remedy to take care of the skin, body, and mind. 

Enriched with passion fruit seed oil and grape seed oil that’s infused within Herbanum, leaves the skin feeling purified with a mindfulness meditation session that perfectly embodies the botanical essence of fresh herbs and wild grasses of Africa. An exotic escape in liquid form!

Susanne Kaufmann – Mallow Blossom Bath
Soak away feelings of stress and anxiety with the comfort of Susanne Kaufmann. After a long day, there’s nothing quite like soaking in a hot bath to detach yourself from the chaos of life. Invigorate yourself in a spa-like treatment with Susanne Kaufmann’s Mallow Blossom Bath.

Formulated with calming lavender extract, rosemary and sage oil, vitamin E, and hydrating mallow extract, it helps relax the mind and body for a sense of well-being and nourishing goodness. We highly recommend checking out her other ranges of vegan bathing oils as well that are more suited for lusciously scented bubble baths that come in Arnica, Ginger, Marigold, and Pomegranate oils. 

Aromatherapy Associates – Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil
An artisan oil blend that promotes fearless and adventurous feelings. Take a mindful moment during your evening routine with the award-winning Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil.

Designed to increase positivity and help you deal with life’s twists and turns, its unique blend of clary sage, frankincense, and cardamom is at once comforting and balancing. A self-care treat and a skinfluencer’s dream, this oil will give you 20 therapeutic experiences in each bottle to help your digital creativity build up its inner strength again. 

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