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WhatsApp Favoring Android Users? How to Access new feature 2024

WhatsApp announces new feature … but only for android users this time


Custom Stickers, New Text

WhatsApp has added a new custom sticker creation tool for iOS, allowing you to modify photographs from your camera roll to create your own unique visual combinations.

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As seen in this example clip, the technique allows you to create your own digital stickers utilizing existing WhatsApp add-ons and tools.

To be clear, the ability to generate stickers from your images has been present in the app for almost a year (at least on iOS), allowing you to cut pieces from photos for personalized designs.

However, you may now include additional features such as images, drawn-on updates, animation effects, and more.

How to Access it?

As shown in the video above, the procedure is rather straightforward. You start by creating a sticker from an existing image in your device’s gallery, which you may then tweak with any elements you choose. This new technique allows you to edit previously created stickers.

It might be a fun addition, providing another opportunity to increase engagement and involvement through fascinating, creative components.

On another front, WhatsApp is introducing new text formatting choices for Android, allowing you to include code blocks, quotations, bullet points, and more.


WhatsApp providing for both platforms

The example here shows how you would format each within the text field, and above that, how it will then appear in-stream.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the new formatting options have been available on iOS for some time, but are now coming to Android as well, providing more options for your communications in the app.

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