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YouTuber Group The Sidemen and Their Evolution

British YouTuber group, The Sidemen and their growth throughout the years and trends.

The Sidemen

The Sidemen, formerly known as The Ultimate Sidemen, created in 2013 are now Europe’s biggest YouTube group. They started on YouTube with just gaming-related content but now have grown past that frame to create many kinds of web content in addition to their own company, clothing line, and restaurant chain.

Who are they?

The Sidemen are one of YouTube’s most notorious gamers who have helped evolve the platform. They are the face of UK YouTube and a collective of creative pioneers and have a combined total of 138 million subscribers that started with seven friends playing FIFA and Grand Theft Auto in their respective bedrooms. The members consist of KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S. The group produces a variety of content like podcasts, gaming commentaries, comedy skits, and vlogs, and even has a web series out called “The Sidemen Show”.  They have also collectively launched a subscription service called Side+ where you can see their exclusive content.

Starting Out

Each of The Sidemen had their own platforms on YouTube, but it wasn’t until they collaborated for their collective Grand Theft Auto gameplays that they saw a surge of popularity. Their gameplays demonstrated their friendly comedic banter and this attracted fans enough for them to upgrade from bedroom gaming to creating ‘The Sidemen House’.

Growing Success

With The Sidemen House, the boys were able to grow further as they lived together which meant they could make more content together. The amount of content they made exponentially grew and with it they attracted loads more fans. The jovial, quirky, sitcom-like moments in their content gave fans an immersive experience with their videos. This meant their fans grew with them and they grew to accommodate new trends. When YouTube crews were closing up shop in the late 2010s, The Sidemen grew by adapting to changing trends and expanding their content to variety of show formats and beyond.

Ongoing Projects

They also have multiple side projects and activities besides being internet personalities. They frequently have charity football matches and in their 2022 match, they raised £1,074,379. They host these matches and stream them online and the funds are donated to multiple charities. The Sidemen also have a popular web series called Sidemen Tinder in which the seven personalities invite guests to play ‘real life’ Tinder. The boys have expanded beyond gaming and created multiple seasons of content like this on YouTube and YouTube Originals. In addition to this, they own a company called Sidemen Entertainment Limited and a clothing line that recently collaborated with SpongeBob.

They also have a YouTube series called Sidemen Sunday which is essentially their personal variety show. As they began their YouTube journey in 2013 they slowly grew and adapted to the fast-moving trends and represent UK YouTube. Sidemen Sunday started off modestly but has steadily grown and teemed with popularity. This week’s episode of Sidemen Sunday had the group playing hide and seek in a $100000000 super yacht.

The Sidemen mainly stick to their web content but Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji more widely known as JJ or KSI is one of the more famous and the most active member of The Sidemen and currently works as a professional boxer and rapper amongst other things. He is also the CEO of Misfits Boxing, the co-owner of Prime Hydration energy drink, XIX Vodka, and the restaurant chain, Sides. He has famously fought in a boxing match against YouTuber Logan Paul, rapper Swarmz, and Mexican boxer Luis Alcarez Pineda.

Their Bond As A Group

One of The Sidemen’s strengths is the bond the group has. When working, they prioritize their group projects and this is one of the reasons for their longevity as group web creators. The group put their wits together and worked through so many different ideas for their YouTube and Sides+ content and an important part of this is that they were consistent with it, which meant fans were constantly engaged.

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