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“Disco Ball Nails”: A Party On Your Hands—here’s how to get the look

Give it up for the new and VIRAL Disco Ball nail trend, it may look hard to do – but it really isn’t that bad


Disco-glam is making a comeback, and the era’s influence on beauty is evident in a variety of ways. From celebs to influencers, more individuals are wearing ultra-chic 70s-inspired haircuts including voluminous curls and wolf cuts. In terms of makeup, shimmering shadows and highly pigmented blush are making a big comeback. When it comes to nails, glittery manicures are taking the spotlight on our feed. For example, consider Disco nails, a manicure inspired by the glittering disco ball. Ahead, we chatted with expert nail artists to learn how to get the stunning look.

What They Are:

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These nails are a fairly literal representation of disco balls, with a glittering foil design. “These nails are one of the most fun trends aside from velvet nails,” he explains. “These nails are created using small rectangle foil cutouts or sequin pieces over a glitter polish.”

Aside from having a magnificent design, Josephs observes that it is simple to replicate this effect on any form or length. However, she adds that obtaining the desired look might be time-consuming. “You need to place [the foil and] each sequin one by one, but it’s definitely worth the time it takes because the outcome is beautiful,” she said.

How To Wear The Disco Nails

Disco ball nails, like decor, are available in all colors of the rainbow. “This manicure can be done in multiple colors as the little sequins come in many shades,” Joseph said. She recommends the Vezocim Laser Square Glitter Nail Art Sequins ($7).


According to our experts, the key to making the manure look unified is to match the base color to the party ball-inspired sequins on top. In the pink nail example above, Joseph used a pink glitter foundation and finished with pale pink foil sequins.

How To Get The Effect – Step by Step Guide

These nails aren’t too tough to achieve; the process is just a little tiresome. According to Hanna, creating the disco effect can take up to an hour, excluding nail prep. To make these nails at home, Joseph recommends starting with a glitter polish base. Hanna recommends Vetro Gel Polish ($10) in the shade 271 Silver Leaf. “It’s my favorite high sparkle gel polish for creating disco nails,” she goes on to remark. “It has a silver leaf, so it adds a lot of dimension under the sequins.”

Then, put a thin layer of top coat or building gel over the top and set each sequin on the wet polish.

“You’ll want to place each little sequin starting down the middle and then working your way out in a disco ball pattern,” Joseph tells me. After you’ve positioned them all, Joseph recommends sealing them with a building gel or gel topcoat.

According to Hanna, the top coat you employ also matters. “For topcoats, it’s imperative that it is thick enough to encapsulate the glitter,” she said. “I love Kokoist Ultra Glossy Non-Wipe Topcoat ($20) because it’s thick and offers a glass-like finish that lasts for weeks.”

If you don’t have the time to commit to the conventional disco nail appearance, don’t worry. Hanna claims there is a dupe approach. “You can create a similar look with regular nail lacquer by layering a silver shimmer polish under a chunky silver glitter and sealing it with a thick, high-shine topcoat,” she goes on to explain. “Recreating the look with regular lacquer takes a few extra steps, but it will give you a similar look as gel.”


She recommends Manucurist Nail Polish ($14) in Disco and Mermaid, combined with Manucurist Silver Biodegradable Glitter ($9). “First, you will want to apply one coat of Disco Ball for your base, followed by a coat of Mermaid, a fine holographic silver that creates visual depth,” Hanna said. “As the second coat of paint is still wet, apply Silver Biodegradable Glitter to each nail with a nail art brush or finger. Finish [the appearance] with two layers of topcoat.”

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