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5 Activities to Help Improve Your Mental Health on a Budget

Discover 5 activities that social media creators advise to help them with their mental health.

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In our fast-paced society, depression and anxiety rates are getting higher and it seems like there are no inexpensive and easy ways to help cope with the increasing mental health issues. People on social media, influencers especially, often experience meltdowns and burnouts from the impact of their stimulating digital lifestyle.

Here are 5 activities creators on social media say help them with their mental health, which hopefully, will help you too. If you are concerned for your mental health the best solution is to see a professional. Although for those curious to adapt small routines to help themselves, we have listed social media’s few recommended solutions to find peace and comfort.


Verbal communication is the standard during therapy and counseling sessions but psychologists also see the therapeutic value that written communication has. Therapists often recommend journaling in a manner of therapeutic writing and processing the writing is also something doctors can use as a clinical tool.

Besides the clinical side of things, writing is a great introspective tool that can help understand one’s own feelings and behavior. It’s an accessible activity as there is not much expense required, all you need is a pen and a book. Another great thing about journaling is that there is no singular way to journal. The content can be about anything and your writing is exclusively for your viewing. You can talk about your feelings and personal relationships or write fiction, anything goes. In other words, through journaling, you can create an imaginative and private space where you are free from judgment.

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Now exercising can be a hobby to some or even a reason for stress for others but in this context, it means maintaining good health with any form of exercise. Good physical health can help improve your mental health. It could be training in the gym, doing yoga, Pilates, dancing, jogging, or anything of the like as stress relief. There are a variety of Yoga instructors on YouTube that give out classes for free. There are also a lot of dancers and choreographers on YouTube and TikTok who post dance tutorials so anyone can to their favorite songs.

Exercise doesn’t restrict to only gym-related activities but can include them. When being overpowered by stress, a lot of people show signs of getting stomachaches but research shows that stomach pains and digestive issues can somewhat be prevented by regular exercise. In addition to this, exercise therapy has been used by psychotherapists and psychologists to aid in treating alcohol addictions, depression, and schizophrenia.

Art Therapy

Whether you are Picasso or Picasson’t, art therapy can be used as a useful tool to deal with declining mental health. Psychologists recommend art therapy as it can be used as a good release for emotions, a great way to develop your creative side, and can aid in improving your self-esteem. Art therapy is often used with people dealing with trauma as a safe way to express themselves and feel comfortable with their own emotions.

Although there are art therapy courses and many luxurious ways to engage in art, there are also affordable methods that work out just as well. Art therapy can range from drawing on a sketchbook to knitting and crocheting and even playing with slime or clay.

@art_therapy_irl Art can help us calm, ground, and regulate ourselves when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Art therapy has taught me that creativity isn’t about making something “good” – it can be about finding a process that helps me sit with my emotions and feel okay. Some of these art projects might seem childish – and they are! Adults (especially burned out ones) can benefit from play and creativity too. I’m curious- what is your favorite way to ground yourself? 🎨 Follow along for more art projects for mental health and wellness from an art therapist #arttherapy #anxiety #nervoussystemregulation #overwhelmed #foryou ♬ original sound – Art Therapy in Real Life

Comfort Movies and Food

Relaxing and putting on Netflix with a bowl of mac and cheese and garlic bread is sometimes a necessary practice to boost happy hormones and keep stress hormones at bay. Mental health and therapy research shows that comfort food can decrease the impact of stress hormones. To avoid starch and calories there are many healthy ways to recreate nostalgic menus without affecting the taste and your health. Pairing this up with a good comfort movie is the perfect break *chef’s kiss*. Moreover, watching lighthearted comfort movies can help boost your mood as well as ameliorate your creative devices.

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Go Outside and Touch Grass

This activity can be taken by both a literal and figurative meaning. Spending time among nature has been proven to aid in benefiting your mental health. For example (relating to the second tip) jogging outdoors in a park can relieve your body of stress, keep you fit, and you’ll be surrounding yourself with nature and greens.

Psychologists use ecotherapy which is a treatment that involves activities within nature as a healing and calming practice. This can include; picnics in a park, camping outdoors, going to the beach, etc. Going outside more often reduces loneliness, increases your chances of meeting new people, boosts your mood and in turn, this can help improve your self-confidence.

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These are just a few tips collected from social media on how to practice self-care and what to do to help yourself relax. The best way to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, and improve your mental health is to seek a professional.

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